Anonymous asked: why do black people use you in the wrong context? such is "you ugly" instead of "you're ugly" I know u guys can differentiate, it's a nuisance


you a bitch

Why did you use “is” in the wrong context? Such as “such is” instead of “such as”?






"and this is for colored girls…"

Soooo when is his book coming out?

lol I’m gonna write one in grad school

I love him.

ily2 cutie lol

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I got so much crap when I cut my hair the second time. All I heard was, “you have such beautiful hair why did you cut it?” When my hair got long enough I got loc extensions. I heard nothing but praise. “Now you look like a woman.” “Don’t ever cut your hair again, you look so much better.” Until I went home and my grandparents gave me crap for having locs.

I am not my hair. And no matter how I choose to style it, I look beautiful. My hair and what I choose to do with it does not define me nor does it concern you. And no matter how I wear it I look divine because of who I am, not what is on my head.

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It’s time for black men to stop building culture around the destruction of black women


Black men and (and some women) actually make careers of bashing black women. You cannot make a career of bashing black men or men in general in this culture. It is acceptable to call black women ugly, or mannish, to blame black women for single motherhood, to blame them for earning degrees as though it comes at the expense of men, it is acceptable to call us “hoes”, etc. Look at most mainstream rappers, comedians, relationship “experts”, etc - they all make a career of casting black women as deficient or worthy of ridicule. Some of them do it in a manner as if they are giving black women advice. The black community (and obviously The West in general) is highly patriarchal. Do not let anyone tell you that black men are being attacked by black feminists or black women in general because it simply is not true.

I am tired of how black women have become the targets of memes and viral videos. The collective character assassination of black women in the name of laughs, and giggles has gone on long enough.

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nourishthysoul-deactivated20140 asked: I agree with that. What I'm saying is that, for example, your blog. Its a great support 4 black girls but lets say a white girl makes a blog only posting whites.. She would get a lot of hate. Do u get me?






most white girls who have blogs on here POST ONLY WHITES.

i can sleep at night saying ‘most’ because i am SURE OF IT. SURE OF IT.

that’s their business though. and again, because whiteness = power, she doesn’t have to title her page ‘lovely and brown’ or ‘young black and vegan’ or ‘black girls are pretty 2’. She can call it ‘Ke$ha appreciation’ or ‘teach me how to twerk’ or whatever the fuck white girls are doing today.

i don’t think you understand the fact that we have to literally CARVE out of a niche for ourselves here. this is an enclave for a reason. THIS is an enclave. everything ELSE is free space to roam because that is society and we don’t have that arena.


Besides, it’s my blog. I post what I’m interested in.